IT Consultation

Consultancy refers to the practice of rendering help to a company to improve its performance while organizations specializing in providing such services are consultants. This is done through a thorough analysis of the existing business problems. A consultant with is experience and expertise evaluates how a business process can increase the scope of the business, thereby facilitating improvement.

We provide need based consultancy services to our customers, helping them augment and accelerate their profitability by our quality consulting services

C Kent Group is an expert in this domain, offering consultancy services to clients across the world. We are an software development company, offering offshore consultancy services. Here, we strive to turn ourselves into a one-stop shop for our customers¡¦ entire range of software and information technology requirements and ensure that our clients can depend on a single, reliable partner for all their IT needs.

Since our inception, we have transformed ourselves as one of the front row outsourcing consultants and constantly strive to offer the best consultancy services.

As a part of our consultancy services, we provide an overview of how the existing businesses of our clients can grow and develop with the help of process and application development. We also offer strategic solutions and resources for the rapid growth of a business with our prime objective being building a long-term rapport with our clients.

Our consultancy services are divided into the following categories:
  1. E-commerce Consultancy ¡V We analyze the needs of our global clients and provide them with cost-effective end-to-end business solutions.

  2. Web Design and Development Consultancy - We, as a leading web design and development consultancy service provider, are proud of our imaginative, direct and focused approach that help us develop web sites that work.

  3. Software Development Consultancy - Our offshore software development consultancy services are aimed at helping our clients reap the benefits of high quality software products.
    Process Consultancy ¡V We provide practical advices and strategies by making optimum use of process outsourcing, thereby helping our clients have a clear understanding of the areas that need to be outsourced.

  4. Enterprise Application Consultancy ¡V We provide complete enterprise application consultancy services including technology consultancy, technology management, as well as process consultancy.