Business Costing Quotation System
  • Business Costing Quotation Ssytem(BCQS) is used to create a detail product costing sheet. Best for factory or manufacturer in industry like garment, clothing, apparel, toys, home textiles, giftware, premium goods, household product, footwear, bags, luggage, plastic products, electrical & electronics, travel and sporting goods.

  • In view of the keep the price of raw material and labor cost all around the world, cost control become an important issue for all manufacturer to frequently review their purchasing price, labor wages and cost history comparison and analysis. It is definitely a solution for this problem.

  • Quotation modules issue quotes to customer, create cost Vs quote analysis report by different grouping - by customer, collection, item, brand name and description. Also maintain product cost and quote price, which is used to find out the cheapest product cost and most generous customer, hence benefit sales and profit margin. Meantime, by quoting an exactly acceptable price to customer in order to get order confirmation.

  • It generates costing sheet, BOM, quotation, costing history report, cost Vs quote analysis report and mini-sketches cost Vs quote analysis.

  • Power search functions. Able to save one million of records.

  • Print to .PDF format or print to MS document imaging.