1. Application System
  2. Web application
  3. E-Commerce Application
Application System

- Auto Message System
- Barcode Inventory Control System
- Cafe Management System
- Customer Management System
- Door Access Control System
- Drivers Information Management System
- Evaluation Performance Reporting System
- Human Resource Management System
- Information Privilege Membership System
- Loyalty System
- Manufacturing and Operating flow system - Pak Lok
- Membership Management System
- Online Testing System
- Order Selection and Performance System
- Point of Sales System for Retails Shop
- Point of Sales System for trading company
- Properties Information Management System
- Remote Control System
- Smart Card Attendance System
- Smart Card Server Log System
- System Login by Smart Card

Web Application
- Web Application for E-care and content management system
- Web Application for Master Kong of Chinese Medicine and content management system
- Web Application for Office Assistance
- Web Application for POS
- Web Application for Property Company and content management system
- Web Application for Solicitor System
- Web Application Attendance Management System
- Web Application Help Desk System
- Web Application Timesheet and Attendance Management System
- Internal Web Application Administration and Operation
- Web Page Design and content management system
E-Commerce Application
- Shopping cart - Movie download
- Shopping cart - Trading online