1. Engineer Onsite Support



Engineer Onsite Support
C Kent Group certified and experience-rich engineers, with continuous problem-solving pursuit, supporting with system integration and networking of hardware and software. We provide the service support to different type and size of enterprise that is flexible and comprehensive levels of service coverage.


Engineer Onsite Support Plan:

All the benefits of an in house IT staff at a fractionof the cost. We provide the services of monitoring your network remotely 24x7 and spend regularly scheduled onsite time to proactively prevent problems. All for one monthly fee.

Our onsite engineer plan is designed for those customers who understand the value of preventive support and maintenance to respond the issues before they become problems, but also require regularly scheduled onsite time from an engineer to handle the myriad of IT issues which regularly come up. The time we spend on site is highly proactive and scheduled for results, meaning that while were there we adhere to a schedule of proactive management, including a strict regimen of patching and updating of critical software to prevent problems. We also monitor IT inventory, consult with business owners, and perform any other specific functions required by the customer. If youve got a new computer or software that needs to be installed, well be happy to do so. This plan is particularly popular with customers who cant justify the need for a full time IT staff or who are considering adding on to their existing staff. Just consider us your IT department.

Services Provided:

E 24x7 monitoring of network and all devices, including servers, workstations, and optionally printers

E Regularly scheduled onsite time with one of our highly trained and certified engineers

E While on site well work on any customer identified projects as proactively patch and update critical software applications including server and workstation operating systems, anti-virus software, and spyware software

E We perform an initial needs assessment to determine the current status of the network and to define the number of on-site hours required.

E Software support included on desktop and server operating systems, application software, network software, email software and backup software

E Monthly fee based on hours scheduled


E The comfort in knowing that on a regularly scheduled basis, a qualified engineer will be onsite to address any ongoing issues, new projects and to  proactively prevent problems through rigorous patching and updating of critical software

E The initial assessment helps you identify where you are as an organization with respect to IT and develops a roadmap for future success and risk  mitigation

E More predictable IT spending patterns

E Security issue also will be addressed before any risk occurrance.

E Flexible service packages to fit customer requirements

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