1. Smart Card
  2. Security
  3. Contactless
  4. Application
  5. Total Solution of smart card
In the progressing network society, various services whose communication ability is used are being made practicable. To realize higher network society, we must maintain personal information or property safely and prepare for the infrastructure of smart cards which we can use always and anywhere. The keyword to use such services or the infrastructure safely and effectively is "smart card (IC card)".A smart card has an IC chip which stores information in a very thin plastic card, and important personal information or property of the card's owner are stored. Users can take information whenever you want to use, and use it safely and easily as information for shopping, traffic pass, and identification.

The business activities outline is as follows:

  1. Certification Business : generation and supply of key data information, the core of smart card security.
  2. New Business Development : creation and development of new businesses to make the most of the benefits smart cards offer.
In the coming smart card society, the high convenience is praised, but on the other hand injustices such as leaks of privacy, alterations to data, successfully impersonation, wiretapping are problems. To prevent these injustices and sweep away uneasiness, we present system that you can use smart cards safely and comfortably by most advanced core-security technique, which is cryptographic technique, electronic authentication, identification technique by NTT and so on, and information encoding service of high security information to smart card. We also present safe and firm security system or system with smart cards, which is electronic authentication system by private CA, and so on.
We are also ahead of other companies in the contactless technique, which holds the key of the next generation type contactless smart cards. We are developing and possessing our original 3D coil (patent applied for) technique which extend communication distance substantlly, and other most advanced techniques. For that, you can exchange information with radio only by bringing cards close to reader. It means that there is no inconvenience to insert cards every time, and that you do not have to part with your important cards on the occasion of use.
A smart card is light, compact, easy to carry, and contains personal information or property of the owner in the card itself. Users can take information from the card whenever they want to use, and can use it as information for shopping, traffic pass, and identification safely and easily.

Now we have the following using examples

  • As a staff ID card with a function of cashless payment at a staff canteen and control of entrance to a room.
  • As a membership card with a function of point card and prepaid card.
  • As a prepaid card which is common to plural public transport (train, bus, and ferry).
  • As a comprehensive insurance certificate card with a function of private insurance companies' insurance certificate and cooperated hospitals' consultation tickets.

Smart cards are also excepted to be used at financial institutions as debit cards at banks or credit cards, and used widely at public institutions as resident registration ID cards, driver's licenses, and so on.

Smart Cards are useful for Employee ID card, Student ID card with applications such as wage management, attendance management, access control, bicycle/car entry management, stored electronic value, etc. Also, it can be used for customer management with royalty application. When you consider Smart Card, you have to think and decide many aspects, for instance you need to think how it can be easily used as well as how you can use. Kyodo Printing can provide not only R&D, manufacturing and personalization, but also total solution including card design and production of promotional materials from SPC = Sales Promotional Center, construction and analysis of customer database. Also, in partnership with other hardware and SI companies, we provide other schemes and / or system integration.