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The goal of Customer Support is to provide the highest quality support possible, ensuring you receive the maximum benefit from the software, hardware or training you have purchased.

In reality, customer support is provided from multiple points within the C Kent Group. Our Account Executives, Technical Consultants, Customer Support Engineers and supplier partners may all be involved in some level of support.

Your Account Executive seeks to ensure that the software you obtain from C Kent Group provides value to your organization.

Technical Consultants, representing our Professional Services group, provide installation, configuration and tuning assistance as well as product education. In addition, C Kent Group Professional Services can be contracted for a wide variety of custom services to help integrate C Kent Group software into your specific business environment.

Customer Support Engineers represent our Customer Support organization. They are responsible for ensuring the timely resolution of any difficulties or problems you encounter in the installation or use of our products. Customer Support Engineers are well versed in our products, the environments in which they operate and the manner in which they are meant to be used.

C Kent Group currently offers two levels of customer support for its products. Support entitlement is determined by the terms of your support agreement and is contracted on a yearly basis. You may upgrade to a higher level of support at any time during the term of an existing contract by contacting your C Kent Group sales representative.

When calling to request support, your entitlement will be verified by the customer support representative taking your call. If you are requesting support for which you are not entitled, you will be transferred to your C Kent Group sales representative.

C Kent Group Management Support options are defined as follows:

As a basic entitlement, customers who contract for support may place calls to the C Kent Group Customer Support line 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The support line is staffed from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (ET) Monday through Friday. At all other times a voice message may be left for response the next business day.

Also, customers that have contracted for support may e-mail and fax support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This method of contact is recommended only for noncritical problems. You should expect a minimum turnaround of 1 working day for problems and questions received via e-mail or fax.

Periodic product maintenance updates are included as part of a standard support contract.

In addition to all the entitlements of the Standard Support Option, customers who contract for Premium Support are entitled to 24 hour per day, 7 day per week, staffed telephone support coverage for critical problems. Outside of the Standard Support line staffing hours, an oncall Customer Support Engineer will be paged to respond to your requests. You should expect a minimum of a 1 hour turnaround for response to pages.