1. Complete Intranet/Internet Solutions
  2. Project Delivery -- Analysis / Implementation / Updating
  3. Project time frame
Our business activity is about enabling organizations to establish a presence on the Internet, or upgrading their existing presence. This is achieved through a mixture of consultancy and technical software development.

These days websites rely far less on basic static pages and more on dynamic software solutions. Very often, establishing an Internet presence requires a strategy that is closely aligned with an organization's existing information systems and networks, for example an on-line shop, where the actual product details etc. are extracted from existing databases. In such cases, this will then involve developing some form of Intranet solution, of which a part is the publicly visible Internet presence. We do not offer a standard 'package', defined maybe by a number of Internet pages and a specified number of graphics. Companies offering a standard package will often deliver a standard job. For us, each of our client's needs will be unique, and therefore each product we create will be unique.

Each project is likely to fall into three distinct stages. The client's needs and business goals are analysed and an agreed specification is drawn up for the work itself. The actual project work is undertaken, with regular progress reports and demonstrations. Depending on the nature and specification of the site, we may well secure the work to keep the site updated and 'fresh'.
Project lengths can vary enormously, anything from one month through to eight. Again, it will depend very much on the specification of the site and the nature of the work. The most important aspect of the whole project is the client and we believe in delivering the best in customer care throughout a project and beyond.