Purchase Requests

All the requests in one place
Clear statuses of Listing
Streamlined approval workflow
Product catalog for purchasing

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Purchase Orders

Automatic Purchase Order creation
Instant Requests into Orders
Automatic supplier sending
File attachments, PO export

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Approval Workflow

Approval workflow
Approvals by stakeholder
Smart well notifications
Thresholds and policies for a precise routing

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Different types of report
More filters for reports
Easy access to the real-time data
Export into csv files

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Supplier Management

Suppliers portal platform
Easy input of product catalog
Contract Management
Suppliers list and contact storage

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User Management

User access restrictions
Multiple offices in 1 account
Single Sign-On
No training required

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Our Vision

We provide the Best services for you

Proceed with a structural planning, based on the purchase categories. Customers can easy to check up and find the best supplier to process of procurement for company. Make a fit system to company is our target to work for.

  • Type of Strategic Sourcing
  • Type of Operational Sourcing
  • Type of Strategic and Operational Sourcing

As a full-Service digital agency, we provide a range of Profesional Services.

Business Consulting

If you are using e-Sourcing module, our Team can provide the advise of process consultancy for defining T&C and contracts, event modelling and more.


Fast and easy implementation can speed up the system launch process. All data process and document are the main key benefits while doing the implementation.


We provide both technical and operational support which can help customers in their transformation to a new cloud system. It can increase the value for both party.


In order to have faster response and training, we provide the remote training and online video for the traning session. It can easily watch online and get a happy time for it.